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0.5g/strands micro loop hair extensions1g/strands  micro loop hair extensions

Micro Loop Hair Extensions

The micro loop hair extensions is the newest technique to apply hair extensions for adding length, volume or highlight the beauty of your natural hair.Each strand is fitted with a nylon micro loop which is used to pull the hair through the micro ring, once your hair is pulled through the micro ring you squeeze the micro ring around the Keratin u tip to fix firmly to your hair. The beads have been attached and all you need is a threader and a plier to secure the hair to your head. There is no glue, sewing, braiding or heat involved, and no one will know you are wearing extensions. Our micro loop hair extensions come in 50-150 strands per pack and each strand weighs 0.4g,0.5g,0.7g or 1g,so there is a great range of choices available. For this cool season, we have cheap yet quite good quality micro loop hair extensions on sale, if you like you can get wholesale order for discounts.

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

We love micro ring hair extensions most because of their versatility. So easy to use, you can keep practicing until you’re completely happy with the position of each one. Application is incredibly easy – all you need to do is simply part your hair into four different sections, using neat partings, slide your actual hair through the plastic loop provided and use a pair of pliers to flatten the micro beads. It’s best to leave a little section at the front of your hair undone if you want to achieve a more natural look.

Our micro ring hair extensions technique is the most undetectable and smallest hair extensions technique in which fine strands of natural hair is combined with our hundred percent human hair extensions for a great look. Micro ring hair extensions technique is for all types of hair. As they blend with your own hair they become indistinguishable.